Klehaugens Lille Lebowski 2002/04/15 – 2012/01/06

Bajas was born just outside the city of Haugesund April 15 2002. My friend Lene and I drove across the mountains to pick him up one day in June. (Thanks, Lene!) I had another name picked out for him, but Lene gave him the name Bajas on the way back. He didn’t sleep at all on the way over. I remember sitting on the kitchen floor of my apartment talking to my dad on the phone when we finally arrived with him. He asked whether the puppy had a name and I answered «Yes, it’s perfect for him.. but I’m too tired to remember it..»

Baby Bajas:Baby Bajas

I thought I’d chosen a pretty relaxed and easy going breed of dog. Little did I know all the work I had ahead of me to turn the little terror into anything resembling the sleepy pugs pictured in the books. He was so smart… Way too smart for me, ha ha. Obedience classes were our savior. Not so much for the actual obedience exercises as for him having something to do that required that brain of his. He was a Wonderful Dog when we were at our classes. The guys with their Proper Dogs laughed at the girl with the toy dog when we arrived. But let’s just say they didn’t keep laughing. I got more than one comment about how someone wished their puppy/dog was as good as mine.. Mwahahaha.. I tried to tell them it was only in class, but I don’t think they believed he was such a little terror at home.. After puppy classes followed basic obedience and advanced obedience.. Once he turned one we did an agility introduction class. Most dog clubs here require a dog and handler to attend a class like that before they are allowed to attend regular training sessions. We generally did one or two nights of obedience and then one with agility. He also tried some tracking and scent work, tricks and so on.

He did finally calm down, too, thankfully! And all the hard work I had to put into him/our relationship taught me so much. I’m forever thankful for Bajas and everything we’ve learned together. Unfortunately he injured his back early 2011 and he’s having trouble getting around. He’s lost some control of his hind legs, wobbles and looses his balance very easily. A year ago I had an eight year old Puppy and now I have a nine year old Old Dog. It’s so hard watching him struggle or fall over.. But for now he’s happy to move around in the yard at his own pace and snuggle on the couch. He still does the happy pug dance in the mornings or when something fun happens. He’s not entirely sure an annoying little brother (Gummi) is a great idea, but he feels responsible and will make sure to keep the puppy company when we’re not around.

The bestest pug in the whole wide world!Bajas on the lake

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